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April 27, 2014

Greetings and God bless you!

It is with great anticipation that I am planning my first coast-to-coast round trip in the motor-home. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to share the love of God in this way. At the heart of the work God called me to is one-on-one ministry. By traveling in the motor-home the opportunity to practice "one-on-one ministry" presents itself in abundant ways. Every stop presents possibilities; every gas station (which are abundant when traveling in a motor-home), travel park, restaurant, and yes even Wal-Mart, every stop opens the door of possibility for sharing the love of God.

On the home front, it has been a very exciting winter. We welcomed the birth of Ethan Thomas Moore on February 21. Ethan weighed in at 8 pounds and was our sixth grandchild.  With this new addition Melissa and Jerry have four children, the roster looks like this: Sarah 9, Aden 7, Rachel 3, and Ethan five weeks.

Amber and Josh are in a holding pattern right now with two boys, Caleb 4 and Levi 2.  Caleb is in 4-H and playing T- ball; Levi is chomping at the bit to follow in his big brothers footsteps.

On May 10 Miesha will graduate from law school. She faced monumental challenges on this journey but she is holding to God's promise for her life. We are all very blessed for her and expect this to be just one more step in the amazing journey God has for her.

Marva Deane continues to be a full-time nurse and full-time student. She will graduate in December with her second Masters degree in nursing. After graduation her nursing practice will shift to "Nurse Practitioner." She will then continue her studies to complete her doctorate in nursing.

It is my plan to embark on my cross-country adventure a few days after Miesha's graduation in May. Though I am t leaving room to walk by the Spirit as to stops on the journey, I do have some dates to share:

May 18 – 25 Wichita Kansas
June 1 Helena Montana
June 15 Tonasket Washington
June 22 Seattle Washington
June 29 Portland Oregon

Please e-mail me if you would like to have times and locations of meetings in any of these areas. I will put you in contact with the meeting coordinator in your area. Traveling in the motor-home makes it available for me to be flexible. Please contact me if you would like me to visit your area while on this trip.

Obviously a trip like this requires finances. The fuel alone for the journey will cost thousands of dollars. The novelty of traveling is gone for me. Extended periods of time away from my wife and family are difficult. There is only one reason I do this, I do this to share the love of God in such a way that people's lives are touched. I learned long ago that fixing people is not my job. Instead, God asked me to help people see choices, amazing choices, choices they didn't even know existed. God promises to make a way for us, my mission is to help people find their way.

Thank you for your prayers covering every aspect of this journey. As I minister to each person I will encounter, your prayers cover, protect, and make the way for this to happen. Thank you also for being obedient to the Lord as he directs you in giving to help cover the financial cost of this mission.

Donations can be made on the website or gifts can be mailed to:

Ordered Steps International
5781 Lee Blvd. Suite 208 – 243
Lehigh Acres, FL 33971

God Bless and I hope to see you this summer,

Greg Phelps

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