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As the Work that God has set us into continues to move forward, I want to thank all of you for your prayers and support. God has called us into an area of ministry that is outside traditional patterns but is very much inside His scope of serving one another. All of us at Ordered Steps International are in excited agreement about where God is leading us.

The key point of this work is based on the simple principle of the one lost sheep, Luke15:4. Access to the internet opens the door for us to reach out to countless numbers of people without pulling our energy away from the one. Jesus taught thousands but He made disciples of only a few. God has called us to reach out to the people outside the traditional system and to reach them one at a time.

Because our time and energy is devoted to ministering one on one, and reaching to those outside the religious systems, we are not building a traditional ministry structure. Many of the people and families in need of our ministry are not able to give financially when they receive ministry.

There are some wonderful people around the country who are moved in their hearts to send gifts to this ministry thus helping us to continue the work. I also continue to work on the side to produce income for my family and I enjoy the ministry that comes from those opportunities. I will continue to seek the Lord to help me walk in balance in this area.

I would ask you to pray and let God work in your heart concerning supporting this work. For those who are led to partner with us through regular giving I want to honor that decision.

All of our teachings are available to you without cost. It is not my intention to change that policy. Therefore I will not establish set amounts for regular support. Instead I will ask you to commit to seeking the Lord in the first week of each month for an amount to give to this ministry that month. The amount that God puts in your heart is the right amount to give. I am asking you to commit to Spirit led partnership. If it is five dollars or five thousand the amount is not important, what matters is what God puts in your heart.

For those who commit to that level of prayer and support I want to respond to your faith through ministry. Our ministry team will minister to you and your family three times a year with a recorded personal ministry session.

God established this ministry and He will supply for its needs. If you are not led by God to give, then do not give. On the other hand; it is through the obedience of those He has led to give that this work will be financed.

Greg Phelps

We have Bible Study every Sunday night at 3pm, in Fort Myers, FL.

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